Keybase on Solus Linux

There are currently no Keybase App packages for Solus Linux. Follow along to install it manually.

If you trust this code, you may copy it verbatim, to your own .sh script and run.

#Installs Keybase App .DEB on Solus Linux

cd ~/Downloads/
#Go to "Downloads" directory in your home folder

#Download "keybase_amd64.deb" file to your "Downloads" directory

mkdir keybase
#Create "keybase" directory for the extracted .deb files

file-roller -e keybase/ keybase_amd64.deb
#Extract .deb files to the newly created "keybase" directory

mkdir keybase/data
#Create "data" directory for extracting "data.tar.xz"

file-roller -e keybase/data/ keybase/data.tar.xz
#Extract data.tar.xz archive to the newly created "data" directory

sudo eopkg install rsync
#Install the "rsync" utility

sudo rsync -avhK keybase/data/ /
#Merge the files in the current "keybase/data" directory to your root system folders, using "rsync" in archive, verbose, human-readable mode, while keeping reciever directory links

sudo /opt/keybase/
#Finally, run the post install "sh" script to complete the Keybase installation.
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